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Your home can be a unique sculpture. We apply uncommon experience in combining inspirational style with client desires to create unique mountain, waterfront, and park lodge designs. Our goal is to assist in defining direction and guiding a process that results in a home designed around you and for you while blending with, and enhancing, a geographical setting.

Design Projects

Each of Keith’s projects must possess its own character, soul and spirit. That must be wrapped around, and enhance, the owners required function and desired expression. Each needs to make bold statement to be truly complete.
A project requires understanding the personalities and lifestyles involved. That knowledge, wisely and skillfully considered, will result in statement making reflection of an owners desires.
A project that cannot stand alone should not stand at all.






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About Keith

Keith grew up in Northern Minnesota and entered the construction industry after High School. This led him to Alaska where he became a General Contractor while seasonally working his way through the University of Idaho. In 1990 he received a Bachelors of Architecture Degree, and with a desire to further nurture his involvement with mountains, lakes and ski slopes, Keith began his design career in Bigfork.
If a home should reflect the language spoken by its surroundings then Montana speaks for itself, and the northwestern portion adds special nuance. Its inherent grace is capable of embracing many approaches to statement making, and Keith found no need to simply reinvent the log house. He takes an ability to envision bold statement using imaginative approaches and applies that to a flexible palate of expressions in the broad arena of style. It is a simple philosophy that can give birth to truly imaginative structures that have an ability to live and breathe and grow. It is far too easy to paint a structure into time. It is a much larger challenge to create functional sculpture that embraces the soul and the spirit of those it touches. These structures will not bend to time but will, instead, acquire treasured patina.

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